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Oodey.online/oodey.net operates a platform whose content is largely provided by users. Games on this site are embedded content that can be accessed from other servers' servers. You are responsible for your entry and content uploaded by you. Any illegal or harmful content may not be uploaded. Oodey.online occasionally filters content uploaded by members, but does not assume responsibility for the content uploaded by members. You agree to be notified of your profile. You can always set up what notifications you want in your Settings. Failure to do so may result in suspension or suspension of membership without notice. The scope of Oodey.online/oodey.net is strictly limited. By using the Website, you agree to the Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"). If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, please do not use the Web site. Read and understand our Privacy Statement and our Code of Conduct. These Terms of Use, the Privacy Statement and the Code of Conduct are the complete agreement between You and Oodey.online ("Agreement"). Website: Use and Access Services offered by Oodey.online are for adults only. The web site may only be used by people over 18 years of age. In the event that the applicable law stipulates that the Website may only be used under the law for persons over the age of 18, the minimum age stipulated in these laws will be valid. You must provide correct, accurate and true information that is not misleading and is updated immediately for any changes. You acknowledge that the information you provide does not violate any third party's rights.


By creating your profile, you can access our services and become a member of the Website. A person can only register once, multiple sign-ins are not even allowed. Membership is personal to the member, it is forbidden to transfer or transfer to third parties. Oodey.online reserves the right to reject a membership application. Your membership status will only come into effect when you receive the confirmation email from Oodey.online.

Termination and suspension

You can terminate your Oodey.online membership at any time by logging in after you visit THIS LINK. You can also request a termination in the message sent to the e-mail address in the contact menu. Neither by you nor by our initiation termination does not entitle you to compensation. Oodey.online may terminate or suspend your membership at any time if you (most likely) violate the Terms of Use. Such suspension or suspension may take place without prior notice, but we will always be informed by e-mail later. After such a termination or suspension you will not be able to sign up as a member and you will not be able to take advantage of our services until we have been informed about your suspension being lifted. You acknowledge and agree that termination of your membership for any reason implies that you may delete (partially) your content uploaded on the Website - at Oodey.online's discretion.

Obligations of members

You must use the Website only in compliance with applicable laws. If the applicable law does not allow you to do so, you may not use the Website. In the case of an offense committed by a member of Oodey.online, you may transfer the person's personal data to the competent authorities without prior notice to the member concerned. For more details on data protection, see the Privacy Statement. The Website may not be used to sell any product or service or distribution of advertising material without the express permission of Oodey.online. You may only use this Website to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Members uploaded content

On Oodey.online you can meet new people, chat with them and share photos. It is important for us and for you to keep Oodey.online safe as a friendly and friendly online environment. You are responsible for any text, image or other information you upload to Oodey.online. In particular: It is forbidden to upload offensive, obscene or pornographic content or any content that may violate human dignity. It is forbidden to cause other visitors to the Website to install computer viruses or other malicious software. It is prohibited to upload any misleading, harassing, threatening, defamatory, or offensive content. It is forbidden to harass other members or to force your own political or religious beliefs. Excessive use of national or religious symbols is also prohibited. It is forbidden to work on behalf of another person and may only upload content that is related to your real identity. It is prohibited to upload any unlawful content or content that may encourage a criminal offense. Uploading weapons images is not allowed. It is prohibited to upload content that violates other intellectual property rights or copyrights. This means that you can not copy the material or images of another person without his explicit permission. This is the English version of Oodey.online. To improve communication and moderation, please use only the Hungarian language. This does not apply to occasional quotes, poems, lyrics, or jokes. Comment! The Website may also contain content that may be objectionable to you. Oodey.online has the right, but is not obliged to control the content of the members and the content uploaded to the Website as well as the discussions between members. Oodey.online has the right to delete any user content on the Website if it violates the Terms of Use or is harmful to the Company or third parties.

Third Party Content

You can also find games and ads with our partners on this site. Despite our best efforts, we can not completely filter and verify these, so we do not take any responsibility for any technical errors or any damages arising out of the use of the applications. We do not control the interfaces of embedded games and other applications, so never enter any user information about your Oodey.online account. We do not treat the data requested / mentioned on these surfaces!


If you upload and / or share sensitive or sensitive information about you, you are solely responsible for it. For user names, passwords and / or other access codes (hereinafter referred to as "login details"), the user is solely responsible. The user must maintain the confidentiality and security of his / her login data. The user must immediately inform Oodey.online of the abuse of the entry data by e-mail, which must be sent to: info@oodey.online You agree to take all precautions when you are in contact with the members, especially if you telephone or in person You meet someone. You also agree to read the Code of Conduct before using the Website. We ask you to immediately inform us of any offensive or illegal content that you find on Oodey.online by clicking the 'Report violation' button. If your Oodey.online considers your complaint to be legitimate, offensive content (text, image, information, or data) will be removed as quickly as possible. Illegal activities will be notified to the competent authorities.

Notifications and service messages

You agree that Oodey.online will send you important notifications through the website, mobile apps, or via email. Your specified availability must be accurate, otherwise you may not receive important notifications. With regard to service-related messages, the Oodey.online banner may notify you of your pages about making changes to your attention, such as changing this Contract. The notification may also include an email sent by Oodey.online to the email address associated with your user account. You also agree that Oodey.online may also communicate via your Oodey.online account via you or through other channels, such as your email, mobile number or phone, from your Oodey.online account or the services related to the Oodey.online web site. Please check the Settings for the types of messages you receive from Oodey.online. You agree and agree that we will not take any responsibility for any resulting issues that you do not maintain your exact availability or other information, including, but not limited to, failure to receive relevant information.


The Web site is a mere foundation for your members to be able to share information and contact other members. Oodey.online does not organize meetings or provide partner or dating advice. The website's infrastructure is provided by Oodey.online, but most of the content is uploaded by the members. Oodey.online assumes no responsibility for the behavior of its members or its services do not meet your expectations. Oodey.online does not assume any direct or indirect warranty as to the reliability, safety or continuity of Oodey.online's services. Oodey.online has no influence over the quality, assimilation, or security of its members or the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of any content on the Website. You acknowledge that despite the prohibitions contained in the Terms of Use, the content available on the Website may be incorrect or misleading. Despite the fact that Odoy.online makes every reasonable effort for the smooth and smooth operation of the website, the nature of the Internet, and in particular the nature of each software, does not allow continuous and fault-free operation. You agree and acknowledge that the contractual and non-contractual obligations of Oodey.online are limited to direct damages up to the following amounts: The amount of membership fees paid for the twelve (12) months preceding the occurrence of the event giving rise to the damage; Or up to EUR 20 In no circumstances shall Oodey.online be liable for any direct or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with you or anyone else's behavior associated with the use of the Website, including (without limitation) emotional injuries, missed opportunities , Loss of data, loss of time and / or any damage resulting from communication or encounters with other members of the Web site. These disclaimers and limitations of liability do not apply to fraudulent negligence, fraud or intentional negligence committed by Oodey.online. If the legislation in force so permits, the responsibility for bodily injury and death is also excluded. You agree to indemnify any third party (including the legal costs incurred by us) for any damages arising out of the use of the Website, the use of the information and / or other content that you provide to the Website and / or breach of contract or in connection therewith.

Intellectual property rights

You have made a statement and you are making a warranty to upload the information that appears on your profile and you are yourself the author of your profile. When you provide data that is available to other members, including without limitation, text, pictures, photos, drawings or graphics for your profile, photo descriptions, etc., you will give Oodey.online an unlimited license to distribute, use, translate, Processing or modification. Trademarks, logos, graphics, images, animations, videos, and text content on www.oodey.net, www.oodey.online are the intellectual property of Oodey.online and are therefore copyrighted, copied, used, published, distributed, sold or Without the prior consent of Oodey.online.

Relevant laws and jurisdiction

For the purposes of the Agreement, the Hungarian law is governed by no reference to any conflict of laws. The Hungarian Courts shall act on other matters concerning the Agreement or the use of the Website, unless otherwise provided by the relevant consumer protection laws.

Change the Terms of Use

Oodey.online can change these conditions at any time. Amendments will take effect thirty (30) days after the publication on the Website and, if you continue to use the Website, automatically means that you accept the new version. If the changes negatively affect a service you have subscribed to, you have the right to surrender this service and you are entitled to a refund of value-for-money, provided you inform us about this within the thirty-day period mentioned above.

Final Provisions

The current conditions apply to the Oodey Beta test. When registering and using the portal, please note that it is a scheduled test period that anyone (who meets the above criteria) can participate free of charge. All of the features listed on the main page will be integrated into the system, but at the time of registration we can not guarantee all the options. During the BETA test, the page's feature set may change continuously so please be grateful. Sign in to the site by acknowledging and accepting the following terms. For more information about the Beta phase, see the following page.
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